white white Daido MORIYAMA


7 June, 2007
Published by The Asahi Shimbun Publications

With an essay in Japanese and English: 'The Perpetual Copy' by Hideto Akasaka.

The book is composed of 131 black and white photographs by Daido Moriyama from 2000 until recently which were taken during his trips to more than 40 cities including Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Sapporo, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne, Seville, Seoul, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Buenos Aires, Pattaya and others. The photographs of the various cities are randomly shuffled. No matter where it is, the place seen by Moriyama becomes 'Dangerous Zone' [literal translation of its title in Japanese, 'Kyoku'], and no matter what it is, the subject captured by him becomes 'Erotica.'

Soft-cover with dust jacket
244 pages, 131 b/w plates in triple tone
290 x 225 mm (11 3/8 x 8 7/8 inches)

ISBN 978-4-02-250300-8

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